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Study in the UK April 2022 Intake

April Intake 2022 is now open! Start your UK degree in April, which is perfect for those who plan to study in the UK

WIN Education has gathered a comprehensive list of courses being offered for April Intake 2022. We have this list ready and available for you – there is no need for you to get googling!

Let’s see which UK universities are offering the January course you are looking for.

Documents required for application :
• Transcript
• Certificate of Graduation
• Resume/CV
• Personal Statement / Statement of Purpose
• Copy of Passport
• 2*Recommendation Letters
• IELTS (can be submitted later)

WIN Education is an official representative of prestigious UK universities, and we are here to help you with every single step towards getting the right university and for you.

Helping You Choose The Best University

WIN Education by Westminster International is a UK Education Advisory Agent which is recognised by the British Council Agent Training and Examinations. Currently operating 7 branches across the world in Thailand, UK and Taiwan, WIN represents over 100 universities, colleges, and language schools throughout the UK.

All our counsellors have obtained postgraduate degrees from leading UK universities, and have many years of experience in supporting international students with their university applications, visa applications, accommodation arrangements, and travel plans.

Our mission is to create a smooth journey to university for international students.

Our Services:

  • University Application Support Service – Standard Counselling Service (Free of charge)

WIN provides a personal counselling service tailor-made to your requirements. You will be guided through 6 key stages by our experienced counsellors who have obtained degrees from overseas universities and passed the UK Education Agent Training Examination course organised by the British Council.

The key stages:

  1. Giving advice on choosing the right course and university
  2. Reviewing supporting documents include SOP proofread
  3. Application submission and follow-up
  4. Visa documents and application advice
  5. Accommodation placement and travel arrangements advice
  6. Pre-departure briefing
  • University Application Support Service – Premium Counselling Service (Cost applied)

This service is suitable for students, who are interested in applying for UK universities were have not had an official representative in Thailand or official representatives are limited.

  • IELTS & Academic English

Westminster School of English is a specialist in IELTS & Academic English. We are one of the most renowned IELTS tutorial institutions in Thailand. Also, as an official IELTS test venue for both British Council, the test is available in both paper-based and computer-delivered formats at our centres. In addition to IELTS, we offer Academic Essay Writing & University Presentation (Pre-sessional) courses for students, who are preparing for study abroad.

  • Agent Authorisation

As an official UK University representative, we are able to give assistance to you to make sure that your application process is smooth and successful. We are also very pleased to help students who are self-applicant and are applying directly to universities if they would like WIN to follow up on their application and support their visa application.

  • Pre-departure briefing

All WIN students have access to the Pre-departure briefing event to make sure that you are fully prepared before they fly to the UK. Topics will cover all important questions and concerns that you may be having.

  • UK Airport Greeting & Transfer to Accommodation

For students who are travelling overseas for the first time or parents who feel nervous when their child is travelling overseas alone, WIN provides a special service that offers Thai staff waiting to pick up students at the airport and take them to their accommodation.

For students interested in finding a course or if you have questions about document preparation and the application process, please contact WIN Education for Free!

List of courses being offered for April Intake 2022.

Universities list – April May June 2022

  1. MSc Professional Accounting
  1. MSc Engineering Management
  2. MSc Health Services Management
  3. MSc International Business
  4. MSc International Finance
  5. MSc Management
  6. MSc Marketing Management
  1. MA in International Business
  2. MBA in International Business
  1. MSc Cyber Security and Data Governance
  1. MSc Digital Marketing
  2. MSc Digital Sales and Management
  3. MSc Financial Compliance and Governance
  4. MSc Financial Risk Management
  5. MSc Global Accounting
  6. MSc Project Management
  7. MSc Strategic Business Management
  1. MSc Project Management with placement
  2. MSc Business with Business Analytics
  3. MSc Business with Business Analytics with Advanced Practice
  1. MSc Global Financial Management
  2. MSc Global Human Resources Management
  3. MSc Global Marketing
  4. MBA
  5. MBA with placement year
  1. MSc Project Management
  2. MSc Procurement, Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  3. MSc Managing Innovation and Information Technology
  4. MSc Digital Business
  5. MSc Digital Marketing
  6. MSc Marketing
  7. MSc Human Resource Management and Development
  8. MSc Operations Management
  9. MSc International Business with Law
  1. MSc Public Health
  1. MSc Tourism and Hospitality
  1. MSc International Business Management
  2. MBA Business Administration
  3. MBA Human Resource Management
  4. MBA Marketing
  5. MBA Finance
  6. MBA Supply Chain Management
  7. MBA Enterprise and Innovation
  8. MBA Hospitality Management
  9. MBA Cybersecurity
  10. MBA (Top-Up)
  11. MSc Tourism and Hospitality
  12. MSc Finance and Management
  13. MSc Nursing
  14. MSc Public Health
  15. MSc Engineering Management
  16. MSc Project Management
  17. MSc Oil and Gas Management
  1. MSc Endodontics
  1. MSc Endodontics

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